Mulgor Logo Rainfall at Lyttelton

Rainfall is very important for most of us living at Port Levy because it is our only source of fresh water.

The nearest raingauge is at Lyttelton. It is maintained by Lyttelton Port of Christchurch who provide the data to the Met Service, who in turn provide them a day or two later to NIWA's CliFlo database. Sometimes the rain gauge fails and when this happens, we use data from the automatic weather station at Christchurch Airport. This occurred between 16-Sep and 11-Nov-2009. A comparison of data from various rain gauges in the area is presented here.

The plot below shows the rainfall for the last fortnight and the one below that shows the rainfall for the last 12 months compared with historical data (from Mar-1961 to present). For more detailed and uptodate information on rainfall, go to the LPC Website.

Daily Rainfall Lyttelton Rainfall

There are a number of points to make about the plot: