Mulgor Logo Monthly Rainfall at Port Levy

Rainfall is very important for most of us living at Port Levy because it is our only source of fresh water.

In June 2010, a PWS (personal weather station) was installed at the Mulgor Bach and we now have a substantial rainfall record from which we can draw some conclusions about the rainfall pattern at Port Levy.

The plot below shows the rainfall for the last 12 months compared with historical data (from Jun-2010 to present).

Monthly Rainfall

There are a number of points to make about the plot:

To summarise monthly and annual rainfalls, the median is used in preference to the mean because large departures for a single month (like Mar-2014) can distort the picture. For example, the table below compares monthly means with monthly medians.

  Jan  Feb  Mar  Apr  May  Jun  Jul  Aug  Sep  Oct  Nov  Dec  All 
Mean  31  23  93  77  75  88  61  74  37  48  35  47  57 
Median  31  24  51  77  45  58  49  62  37  39  38  42  53